Monday, 17 October 2011

2 years old Chinese Girl Ruthlessly Run Over Twice

Assalamualaikum.. w.b.t

Macam biasa rutin harian Cik Panda di rumah  , kalau pukul 8 Malam mesti bukak Berita di TV3.. terkejut lihat video budak kecik yang digilis dan dibiarkan .. ape perasaan Ibu dan ayah die.. kalau lihat video nie.. Mana perasaan orang yang ditepi tu.. mereka boleh biarkan dan hanya tengok badan sekecil itu digilis oleh 2 buah Van.. 

Kejadian ini berlaku di Negara China.. adakah mereka di negara china ini tidak berperikemanusiaan?? tapi aku tahu tak semua orang di sana tidak ambil peduli .. buktinya, makcik yang mengangkat sampah itu juga yang menyelamatkan adik kecil tu.. Aku di sini hanya boleh berdoa adik sekecil itu selamat... 

Sekarang, keadaan  adik 2 tahun ini kritikal.. 

(in English)
More than a dozen passers-by ignored a two-year-old girl as she lay critically injured on a street in southern China after being run over twice, the official Xinhua news agency said Monday.

The incident has sparked outrage on China's hugely popular social media sites.
Surveillance cameras showed a series of people walk past the girl, named Yue Yue, after she was hit first by a van and then a truck outside her family's shop in the southern Chinese city of Foshan.

Xinhua said a rubbish collector who finally came to the girl's aid, moving her to the curb and shouting for help, was ignored by several shopkeepers before he finally tracked down her mother who took her to hospital.

In response, one netizen on Sina Weibo, a Chinese micro-blog similar to Twitter, wrote: "This society is seriously ill. Even cats and dogs shouldn't be treated so heartlessly."

But others linked the incident to an earlier case in which a man who tried to help an elderly woman after she fell over was prosecuted, apparently because his intervention broke government rules on dealing with accident victims.

Doctors said Yue Yue was in a coma and unlikely to survive the ordeal.
"She would not be able to survive any operations. She's very close to brain death," a spokesman for the hospital treating her told AFP.

Police have detained the drivers of both vehicles involved in the incident, Xinhua said.

- Yahoo Reports
p/s :  Saya percaya pada keajaiban.. Allah s.w.t
.As a Muslim and Malaysian citizen I care for humanity and share this video .. May God Bless this child ... Amin..


Cik Tetra said...

sedih kot..org2 yg ade kt situ..boleh buat bodoh je..sadisss betul la..kite doa je la..smoga budak tu xde pape kan..huhu..

Noor Adibah Binti A.Latif said...

harap macam tu la kan waeda ...
kesian die..

ank mak siti said...

Ya Allah, budak tuh dbuat mcm bntg ke ape diorng nie.. ish2!!! geram pown ade nie.. sabo2!! hrp bleyh smbuh lar bdak tuh.. ngeri nengok..

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Zul Fattah said...

manusia skrang memang kejam.. ee.. takut

Anonymous said...

apa yang saya cari, terima kasih